About Flatcap

Many people speculate on the meaning of life and the human condition. Flatcap doesn’t. According to him, the meaning of life is utter chaos mingled with total adbsurdity, and the human condition is never much better than idiotic.

Politically and often factually incorrect, he reflects on his six decades and even further back with the help of reliable sources like the chap who used to run the chippy on Halifax Road, who was one of the first to land on Gold Beach, and who broke the world distance swimming record to be the first back on the Chesil beach.

If there’s a topic of discussion, Flatcap knows all about it; he knows where the politicians, celebs, commentators, and the barmaids have it wrong and he knows how to put it right.

Dip into your pocket, stand him a brown ale and he’ll tell you exaclty what’s wrong with the world and how to put it right.


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